about me

Hi There!

I am Bryan.

I am passionate about ending homelessness, in all of its forms. No one should have to be homeless, full stop.

I currently work within the the third sector as an Improvement Consultant. I am working as a place-based consultant and coach, helping innovative and forward-thinking places to implement to end homeless for populations in their place. If you would like to find out more, shoot me a message.

Previously to this, I worked for 15 years in a local authority context specifically in the homelessness service. I started on the front-line and ended my time in local authority as one the senior leadership team that led the best homelessness service in the UK - nationally recognised as an example of best practice and innovation.

Alongside my skills around service design, delivery and improvement, I also have expertise in homelessness law, community and stakeholder engagement, project management, finance and budget management, complex systems change and innovation.

I strongly believe that many of our current systems are broken and failing those who need them the most. But, these systems were designed this way and can be redesigned to do better. Better research leads to better evidence which (when used properly) leads to better service design and delivery - ultimately leading to better outcomes for people.

All content on this site is my personal opinion and is in NO WAY linked to, on behalf of, or representing the views or opions of any organisation for which I work or with which I am linked.

And people are what I am all about. Please do get in touch if I can help you in any way or you want to find out more about anything with which I am involved. Tell me your story....


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